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The Oriental Bride

This is a story of impossible love between two young people who are drawn together by everything. It is the voice of a young woman, Esther, in search of her identity: French, she thinks she has rejected her origins, but when she marries she realises that they leave an indelible mark on her, which is both her strength and her weakness.

The author wanted to tell the story of a young woman of today, with her doubts, aspirations and fears: a timeless young woman who carries within her the symbol of a people and a culture. Through the odyssey of a couple, the epic story of Sephardic Jews from Spain is told, from the Inquisition to the present day.
“We all have multiple identities”

Scenes of love

Every event in a couple’s life calls for a song. The meeting, the desire, the marriage, the birth, the break-up, are all existential milestones, both singular and universal. Each stage is captured in action, translated into words and song. And above all, emotion.

When the words and music come together on stage, they magnify the emotion and create a real magic.

Not forgetting the comedy, which is always present, to distance itself from the drama: between laughter and tears, between depth and lightness, between feelings and philosophical reflections.